H.R. McMaster Facts

H.R. McMaster has been insulting Trump in front of foreign leaders.

McMaster expressed his disapproval of Trump’s course to foreign officials during the lead-up to his trip to Germany. The general specifically said he’d disagreed with Trump’s decision to hold an Oval Office meeting in May with top Russian diplomats and with the president’s general reluctance to speak out against Russian aggression in Europe, according to the three foreign officials.

H.R. McMaster recently hired two of Ben Rhodes’ closest allies at NSC. Ben Rhodes is under investigation as part of the Susan Rice spying scandal.

McMaster refuses to get rid of Obama holdovers who spied in Trump.

Derek Harvey was the key figure when it came to the Middle East. He was against the Iran Deal and the funding of Palestinian Authority terror. He called out Islamic Jihad. He tried to force out the Obama holdovers running our foreign policy. And now he’s gone.

Meanwhile McMaster has fired pro-Trump loyalists including Robin Townley, Derek Harvey, and Adam Lovinger. Lovinger’s security clearance was pulled after he attended a bar mitzvah in Israel.

McMaster fired Rich Higgins for writing a memo criticizing Islamic terrorism.

Through the campaign, candidate Trump tapped into a deep vein of concern among many citizens that America is at risk and slipping away. Globalists and Islamists recognize that for their visions to succeed, America, both as an ideal and as a national and political identity, must be destroyed. … Islamists ally with cultural Marxists because, as far back as the 1980s, they properly assessed that the left has a strong chance of reducing Western civilization to its benefit.

McMaster promoted CAIR diversity outreach coordinator Mustafa Javed Ali to top role. Ali then blocked Ayaan Hirsi Ali from speaking at NSC.

Pro-Trump supporters removed from the NSC include Tara Dahl, Ezra Cohen-Watnick, Robin Townley, Derek Harvey, and Adam Lovinger.

McMaster has been leaking information to Andy McCabe and personally attacking Trump’s family.

McMaster has insulted Hope Hicks, a loyal Trump ally who is also beloved by the base.

McMaster unsuccessfully attempted to oust Sebastian Gorka. Trump had to personally intervene, a story Jake Turx of Ami Magazine broke.

McMaster has called Trump’s “America First” foreign policy goals naive.

McMaster publicly corrects and contradicts Trump.

McMaster has been leaking information to David Petraeus and has had direct contact with George Soros.

McMaster wants a troop surge in Afghanistan.

What other McMaster facts am I missing? Post yours below!

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  1. You are disturbed and paranoid, I hope the secret service is monitoring you, mcmaster has an impeccable reputation, if he hates trump he would not even be in the team

    1. Nata YOU are the ONLY disturbed ☝️1⃣ here.
      Guessing ?YOU ARE one of those Koolaide drinking libtards that are a danger to America ?? ?

        1. I know. It’s unbelievable the foggy brains of these programmed people. Even with facts they can’t accept McMaster is trying to take Trump out. Also, McMaster isn’t this innocent person we are warning the president about, he is evil and has so much blood on his hands. He has to be removed.

          1. Liberals make decisions based on emotion much more often than conservatives. Therefore, you can never change their minds with facts alone, because those facts will always be “racist” or biased in some way.

            You have to use their own tactics against them, apply emotional aspects to the facts instead, such as how those facts will ultimately effects minorities or the poor, or something along those lines.

        2. Facts? Yeah, the real facts aren’t on your side. That people spied on Trump? WTF?! Trump was meeting with Russians! Here is a clue for all Trump and his clueless overprivileged kids, you meet with Russians, the FBI is watching, “Hello, McFly’s?!” If you like Putin, then you like Benedict Arnold. Who’s Benedict Arnold? Google is your friend, but Trump is even worse. This is about loyalty to the US Constitution, NOT Trump the Putin Loving President. As Trump would say, Sad!

          1. It is not a crime to meet with Russians. Pay for play which what HRC did as sec state is. Google Uranium 1 and see what NYT says. Clintons sell our strategic resources to Russians. Trump has a meeting. Google Skolkovo and see the strategic technology transfer Clinton set up with her “reset” with Russians. You’re either ignorant dishonest or both.

          2. Publius you drank the CNN globalist koolaid, please see a Psychotherapist.

            You’re no different to the people who bought into the Iraq war propaganda.

          3. Jed,

            Are you that utterly clueless? The last time I checked espionage IS a crime. Let’s make it simple for you simpletons. The reality is the FBI surveils spies, they don’t follow every Russian just the ones they know are spies or connected to Russian intelligence. So in the process of surveilling the Russians, guess who’s meeting with them? Trump, Pence, Sessions, Trump Jr., Manifort, Kushner, got the clue now? As for Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sessions is still the US Attorney General, where’s his investigation into all of the lies you Alt-Righter’s spew? Exactly. Facts are stubborn things, and Sessions doesn’t have squat on Hillary no matter how many times you all repeat the lies about Hillary. Ya’ll got the math right now?


            Wrong, again, as always. I never said anything about supporting invading Iraq, it is your idiot leader Bannon who wants to go and invade Iran. Think that’s going to happen? NOT! Hilarious, the severity of the ignorances amongst this class of Bannnonites. McMasters is going to be the one soon escorting Bannon from the White House, and flush his Alt-Right idiocy right down the toilet. Putin loving traitors.

          4. Good grief you smell of shit. When has it been illegal to speak to Russians? So when Hillary Clinton sold 20% of US uranium to the Russians or when her Podesta brothers worked for them where were you?

          5. Yeah sure, we are supposed to have the best security agencies in the world but in 11 months they have found absolutely no proof of Trump colluding with Russia.
            Idiots like you think because the Dems said it was true,it must be true.
            The anti Trump movement is so hard up they have stopped even investigating the lies about Russia and have Mueller looking for financial crimes or ANYTHING to make Trump look bad.
            You have no facts to back up your BS.

      1. Exactly, McMaster was reportedly hired on the recommendation of deep state operative John McCain. He is working against the agenda Trump was elected on, and is as such in complete insubordination against the American people.

        1. Tuvok,

          “deep state operative” what utter nonsense are you babbling about? First, under the so called logic, that would mean anyone who has government experience would be a “deep state operative” does that mean our experienced professionals in hospitals and professional sports are also “deep staters?” Look at the reality of Trump’s pathetic results, 6 months and NO major legislation. Trump’s incompetent inexperienced staff is why Trump is failing, worse ratings in HISTORY. Newsflash, you have to have experienced people, this stuff is indeed complex not just healthcare.

      2. A Danger to America…quick someone put in a dvd this man’s brain is actually popcorn. Have some but I warn you it is a little Burnt!

    2. “If he hates trump he would not even be on the team” could you sound any less intelligent, trumps enemy’s would kill to be on the inside of the White House, but this is pretty self explanatory. Also many proven facts about McMaster contradict your statement so I urge you to do a little research

    3. Important to keep Obama loyalists and holdovers away. We shouldnt be mindnumb robots like the leftists are. McMasters ahs been a huge concern to me from the start.
      Good work, and good idea with this site.
      Im still in support of Trump and his original goals. MAGA

      1. I agree. Given the deplorable historical track record of military Generals throughout the history of their employ by Presidential Administrations, I personally wouldn’t hire ONE of them. Ike Eisenhower was the last sensible one that I can recall and the only one that warned against the rising power of the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex. Now, that complex is so overblown and over-reaching that it is an abomination, despised by much of the world. Trump is trying to fix things but he is naive when it comes to finding the right people for his administration. Immediately upon moving in and setting up shop in Washington, he was ill-advised by the wrong people and jettisoned many of his transition team advisors that he should have kept. The Swamp is so enormous that he may have fewer choices than he ever imagined and I hope that it doesn’t contribute to his undoing. McMasters and the other Generals that Trump “loves” need to go.

        1. Eisenhower was a horrible General that cost 100s of thousand of US lives in Europe. Patton could of ended the war with his 3rd Army in 1944. Ike refused to supply Patton with gas when he was approaching Berlin, allowing ze Germans to build defensive position. Any Russian defector that helped the Allies was repatrioted to Russian by Ike, to which they committed suicide as opposed to being tourtured by Stalin.

          1. Turner
            Your opinion is simply incorrect. Historical evidence by any intelligent measure proves beyond any doubt that Eisenhower was an excellent leader. Sure Eisenhower made mistakes but you ignore the facts to suit your historical revisionism. Newsflash US won World War 2.

    4. are you completely retarded Nata. check the facts and links, then GFY and vote for Hillary again. or BLM or Muslim Brotherhood or ….

    5. I was interested in the work related credentials of certain Trump’s workers in the White House. To include certain National security advisors, campaign advisors visiting Russia, partisan alternative right web news sources. Also, their public honesty and truth as reported by many first level media.
      I looked at their age, GPA, University graduated, highest degree earned, civilian & military experience, wiki report and criminal history. Yes, some names have outstanding credentials that they can be proud of. Other names concern me. I asked the question of what title, compensation, reports, and level of responsibility they would have in a Fortune 500 company. I asked if these names represented the best and the brightest talent that the US calls for in 2017. I will let the reader decide for her self.

    6. You couldn’t be more wrong nasta. That is why he would be on trumps team so he could help push the globalist agenda through. He can also find out info and pass it along to his globalist jihad george Soros. How it is that there is a protest organized all over the world literally as soon as trump announces something?

    7. is this Soros Jr.? You guys @DNC should of left well enough alone because now thanks to every mans exwife Debbie almost all the “top” and I use that loosely are going down for Treason! Word is CNN and MSNBC will be indicted to some degree.

      You guys know how to really implode bigly it’s over Globalist even know it. ?

      1. Wow, fantasize much? How is it that you of all people have this grasp on a reality that doesn’t exist? Oh that it will happen in a day? Week? Month? Hilarious! This is classic Bannon logic: foam at the mouth, repeat lies incessantly, exactly like Goebbels the Nazi propagandist wrote the rules on how to lead people by their ignorant noses. Except guess what? The world is onto your utterly pathetic ways, Alt-Righters. Get this and get this straight, McMasters is staying, Kelly is staying, Trump and his mafia of wack jobs are going to be indicted and scrambling over each other to sell their Russia loving buddies out. Love it.

        1. What exactly did Trump and Russia do in connection with each other? Anything with any kind of specificity would be appreciated. What crime? What collusion? What anything? Connect some dots. Any dots.

          1. Since you won’t get any for Pubilus, I’ll supply the leftist answer:
            Things and stuff and proximity at a conference and haxors and wackyleaks fake news, just google and fact-check at snopes!

    8. Why is H.R. McMaster firing those loyal to Trump but keeps those that are not? A person often has “impeccable reputation” until the facts about that person become public. H.R. McMaster cannot be trusted. He needs to resign.

      1. She we actually trust Trump? Little does anyone know that he is actually Reagan’s chimp Bonzo after chimp/human DNA blending and growing in a vacuous chamber for rapid growth. Actually some of Putin’s finest work.

        1. Da Reagan and da Putin done hacked our dnas and make Chumpf, lmao. Excelling point, Wiseguyyy. You should be offered a Nobel prize for making peace with your insanity.

        2. “She we actually trust Trump” Hey Wiseguy (AKA : Tardguy ) With sentences like that your degree of intelligence speaks for itself.
          Your obviously one of the libtards finest pieces of work.

    9. George Soros and the Antichrist have a job for you, Nata. Go line up, they’re getting ready to start handing out the Mark of the Beast you Satan serving minion!

    10. Trump has to fire McMaster…Mattis and Kelly. Appoint Trump Loyalists. Go on the offensive. Start Investigations into Obama, Clinton, Rice Wasserman Schultz etc. Remind the media over and over again of the Clinton crimes. Obama’s illegal surveillance on the American people as well as using Federal Surveillance to go after political opponents. Take the play book from the Left and keep repeating it as much as possible. The only difference is the crimes of Hillary, Obama, and the Left are true. Go on the offensive Mr. President. Fire all these Scumbag Traitors. Seek more advice from Loyalists Roger Stone, who you’ve known for 40 years.

    11. nata – you are naive and misinformed. Put on your critical thinking hat. McMaster is a major deep state operative. Take the time to seek truth and wake up!! Follow the money.

      1. “Deep state” Ha! Too many nut job novels. The only “Deep” is your paranoia. McMasters is an outstanding patriot, true to the US Constitution, not the nut job agenda of the Neo Cons and outright wack jobs like Bannon. Booh-hooh, gripers!

    12. You obviously don’t know what you are talking about. Anyone with half a brain can see what is happening, unless they’re a liberal.

    13. Nata; how can you say he wouldn’t be there if he was not a hater. Either Mr. Trump was duped, which I doubt, or he’s keeping his enemies close. There have been a long line of never Trumper’s filing in and out of this administration. Those who came with the furniture and those placed there by Mr. Trump himself, all eventually are exposed, then fired. Mr. Trump wants We the People to know and understand why he does what he does. If just fired McMaster out of hand, we’d all be saying, “WTF?” Now we will know why, there are many others who will be excised in this way. Hide and watch.

    14. Nata brain in that head of yours nata. You can’t be ignorant to the facts when they are clearly smacking you fair square in the face you moron. it amazes me on how stupid you cucks are. your life must be boring and i’d imagine that you live week to week with no ambition. watch and learn how smart people operate. lol

  2. wrong nata, very wrong. he is part of the globalist cog. apprentice to patreus. both CFR fux. that says it all. CFR. and whose in trumps admin has nothing to do with liking trump. at some level too much swamp out there and some positions just need to be filled, and trump and team have been hoodwinked by these globalists. that or they have asserted a pressure via extortion or blackmail to be in admin. the NWO has their henchman always at arms reach from the patriots, like handlers, to watch us/them. fuck mcmasters

  3. –“Bill Kristol, Susan Rice praise McMaster’s addition, call on him to get rid of Bannon-led group”

    –“In 2012, McMaster gave a speech praising Obama’s foreign policy and Middle East interventions” https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/852712705614106625

    –“McMaster and Petraeus are using their media interns to harass and assault the President’s son-in-law now, as Kushner opposes Syria ground war” https://twitter.com/Cernovich/status/853634414592610305

    –“McMaster’s deputy, Ricky Waddell, has oil businesses in Venezuela (conflict of interest?) and is pushing for US intervention in Venezuela” https://twitter.com/Cernovich/status/860952826381344768

    –” McMaster, Tillerson, Mattis Desperate to Preserve Nuclear Deal Despite Iran’s Lack of Compliance” http://www.breitbart.com/radio/2017/07/19/gaffney-mcmaster-tillerson-mattis-desperate-preserve-nuclear-deal-despite-irans-lack-compliance/

    –Obama Administration official Dan Feldman: “McMaster has done a fine job” https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/862329827377991680


    –McMaster leaked the actual written transcript of @realDonaldTrump’s meeting with Lavrov to NYT, links happening via Petraeus https://twitter.com/Cernovich/status/865705513480208384

  4. @Cernovich, give us the juicy scoop on Herbert McMasters sexual proclivities!!!! We wanna know what queue ball likes to do to get down!!!!

    1. @NotHerbertsherbert… First off he has severe ED. And it’s very well known his mother was the only one to ever get him off before he embraced his ED and after the seventh visit to Epstein SickPedo Island. The captured children of the island wanted to cook his cock in rot gutt and serve it to all the Clinton cronies. And that’s about it.

  5. –“Kushner has been compromised by the Muslim Brotherhood” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qaVwFuCU28

    — Josh Raffel (White House salary-$155,000) identified as “Jared Kushner’s spokesman” http://firenewsfeed.com/politics/82187

    –How Jared Kushner’s Call to Canada Saved NAFTA http://www.breitbart.com/economics/2017/05/09/report-jared-kushner-saved-nafta/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+breitbart+%28Breitbart+News%29&orm06=kl3yc

    –Kushner’s sister hawking her family business to Chinese investors in Beijing today https://twitter.com/emilyrauhala/status/860755144891187200

    –President Kushner Intentionally Blocked Trump from Viewing Israel’s Border Wall

    — Kushner didn’t disclose investment in startup with Goldman Sachs, Soros links (ethics? conflict of interests?) http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/331507-report-kushner-didnt-disclose-investment-in-startup

    –Kushner “reminded” Trump that “four people could not be fired — himself and the three Trump siblings.” https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/15/us/politics/jared-kushner-ivanka-trump-white-house.html

    — Kushner when at NY OBSERVER : “He lived in a deeply-Zionist-patriarchal mental space” https://t.co/EK2J6uyWBA

    — Kushner once broke up with Ivanka Trump because she wasn’t Jewish http://www.timesofisrael.com/jared-kushner-once-broke-up-with-ivanka-trump-because-she-wasnt-jewish/

    –Kushner fired me over Israel ten years ago http://mondoweiss.net/2017/01/jared-kushner-israel/

    –Officials say Kushner taking unprecedented role to interfere in foreign policy matters http://freebeacon.com/national-security/new-front-in-white-house-civil-war-as-kushner-asserts-authority-at-nsc/

    –Jamie Gorelick, Ivanka’s and Kushner’s lawyer, is involved in the Clinton Foundation https://archive.is/mvgij

    –Netanyahu Once Slept In Kushner’s Bed http://forward.com/fast-forward/362898/when-bibi-slept-in-jared-kushners-bed/

    –Jared, Ivanka, Conway, Dina Powell Spotted at Hamptons Party with Soros, Schumer, Fake News Journos

    –I am told the pressure on @POTUS from Ivanka to stay in Paris has been intense. https://twitter.com/jonathanvswan/status/869890727861465088

    1. A classic Nothing Burger. Putin’s support and money to Trump Inc, I’m afraid that’s a burger double meat with everything on it.

  6. “So I deal with foreign countries, and despite what you may read, I have unbelievable relationships with all of the foreign leaders. They like me. I like them. You know, it’s amazing. So I’ll call, like, major — major countries, and I’ll be dealing with the prime minister or the president. And I’ll say, how are you doing? Oh, don’t know, don’t know, not well, Mr. President, not well. I said, well, what’s the problem? Oh, GDP 9 percent, not well. And I’m saying to myself, here we are at like 1 percent, dying, and they’re at 9 percent and they’re unhappy. So, you know, and these are like countries, you know, fairly large, like 300 million people. You know, a lot of people say — they say, well, but the United States is large. And then you call places like Malaysia, Indonesia, and you say, you know, how many people do you have? And it’s pretty amazing how many people they have. So China’s going to be at 7 [percent] or 8 percent, and they have a billion-five, right? So we should do really well.”

    Read this out loud and say: This is my man.

    1. That makes no argument because they are under extremely different economic surroundings. Please don’t compare America to those countries not even close on a good day.

    1. Beautiful! So long, Nutty Neocon! Maybe Ezra will go join the Israeli Army and form the American brigade so they can all go and invade Iran, a country that has 7 times the population of Israel. No more American blood for Israel’s imperialism, didn’t you get the memo on the Iraq failure? Get a clue or buy one.

  7. How ridiculously accurate is my article, which I wrote in early March?


    Now McMaster is firing the very people who can see political warfare taking place. Higgins was right. Trump is going to be taken down if he doesn’t get ahold of the NSC. Look at what the NSC does [strategy, covert ops, and crisis management]:

    “The National Security Council (NSC) and the NSC staff as led by the national security advisor (NSA), serve critical functions at the heart of the interagency, national security process. Formal NSC members, and frequently the NSC staff, coordinate security policy across federal agencies. The NSC staff manages the flow of information and policy recommendations between the president and the various departments. At times the staff engages in long-range, strategic thinking. At other times they engage in short-term crisis policy. On occasion the NSC staff has run particularly sensitive security operations. A competent staff, working within a well-functioning NSC system, greatly facilitates the coordination of U.S. government efforts to achieve security goals. A dysfunctional staff and system can bring about disastrous results.” – David Auerswald, “The Evolution of the NSC Process,” in The National Security Enterprise: Navigating the Labyrinth, George & Rishikof, eds., Georgetown University Press, 2011, p. 31.

    Auerswald’s “disastrous results” of NSC policy refer to such diverse outcomes as arming the mujahidin, troop expansion in Vietnam, and Iran-Contra. Theoretically, the

    “NSC staff belongs to the president, without loyalties or reporting requirements to federal agencies or the legislative branch—a particularly valuable commodity in an international environment characterized by massive and increasingly complex U.S. commitments and a domestic environment characterized by increasingly fragmented political and media conditions. Yet different presidents have used the NSC system, the NSC staff, and the national security advisor (NSA) in particular ways. Variations across and within administrations appear to depend on the operating styles of individual presidents and NSAs, and important external events that shock the national security or domestic political systems and create the need for organizational change” (p. 31).

  8. Lots of empty pro-Trump patter here. With the Trump family’s many business conflicts, the questioned staffer seems to fit in quite nicely with the example set by the “leader”. And if the Presentation pursues private conversations with Putin – who worked overtime to get him elected – what is wrong with McMaster seeking counsel from someone with (gasp) experience? I am glad to learn he hopes to learn from the mistakes of others. And if Trump is such an infallble dealmaker, how could he be “Hoodwinked” by mere career army officer? This is just another smokescreen, to cover for the Trump team’s incompetence and inability to lead.

    Your offering is not just another #hoax, #fake news. So, so sad!

    As another attempt to “swiftboat” a proven vet, it’s unworthy – and the lowest form of political behavior. Full stop.

    1. Pretty obvious you didn’t read a single link in this article, or any of the other links provided by other comment posts to this article. Either that, or you’re a lib/prog/RINO/Neocon yourself, and are quite happy with President Trump being hoodwinked by a deep state saboteur.

      President Trump is working his way around the swamp of Washington that is much deeper than most could have imagined. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that after getting President Trump elected, that his worst enemies would not be the DNC or the MSM, but his own treasonous party. The RINO/Neocon snakes, and the Obama deep staters must be rooted out and fired/voted out ASAP, or we’re going to devolve into civil war. If ANYTHING should happen to our President, as in a deep state coup, you better hope you have a safe place to hide, or have lots of firepower and are trained, because that act would, without question, usher in the 2nd American Civil War. I pray that doesn’t happen, but I’m ready to go if it does…

      1. Awesome! First, keep this in mind, they swore an oath to defend the US Constitution NOT Trump’s illegal traitorous conduct. Are you enough of a dip to actually threaten the public peace? You sound like those wack jobs that blew up the federal building in Oklahoma. The cool thing? The FBI now has your IP address, talk soon,

    2. He has no conflicts of interest why do u say that? He is a global business man and not a politician he has worked all his life he will always have that. You guys need to read a little it about George Washington!

    3. Excellent post, it seems as though these alt right pretenders are in heat over a real man taking control as he should.
      Maybe had some of these commenters served their country and found real patriotism rather than spending most of their lives in online fantasy speak they would know by now how to get out of their little mindsets and contribute something to the real world instead of living an online lie while worshiping a complete loser and fake “president”.

  9. You’re all sick retards who have destroyed the Republican Party. May you Trumpettes all die of cancer along with the progressives.

    P.S. “McMasters”? Lol. Ben Garrison is a hack.

  10. Hkmm. Smearing true public servant as tops of Soros.

    This conservative recognizes a lame sock puppet when he sees one. Steve Banninn is scum and he sock puppets are just proving it.

    Time for Trump and his puppet master to go.

  11. Too many leaks, too many hold overs. Trump loves him the military men; hence McMaster, Flynn, Petraeus but at some point you have to deal with the enemy within. People tied to compromised Democrats, people that have given their opinion that was utterly wrong….need ousted. Only the best will continuing the Winning!

  12. This post inspired me to start a new FB group and this post is the FIRST one in the group! A few days ago I knew nothing about McMaster and now I do and want him GONE! Thanks to this post.

  13. The people that McMaster fired are agents of the Saudi-Israeli-KStreet Think Tank (Anti-American) partnership to destabilize the Middle East. They would do anything, including hastening the destruction of the United States, in order to weaken Iran and consolidate power. They are traitors and must be destroyed.

  14. This appears an effort to discredit McMaster based on ideological/policy differences. Yet, in discredited him does it not undermine the president who has entrusted an important measure of staff responsibility to the general? Given that Gen. John Kelly has been delegated sufficient authority by the president to make needed changes in the White House staff, is it not sign of Kelly’s trust and confidence in McMaster that the director of the national security council remains in his current assignment? He is, after all, simply an active-duty flag officer serving at the pleasure of the commander-in-chief. Have I missed something or are we to assume the ‘Deep State’ has its hooks into President Trump such that he is incapable of making staff changes that reflect his policy priorities? What am I missing here?

    Thanks for any insights. -Ben

  15. Sources inside the White House are saying that the silver used in McMaster’s silver star was mined in Russia. What more evidence of conspiracy do you need?

  16. Mc MASTER HAS AN HONORABLE RECORD: I just reviewed General Mc Masters record and found he has a significant number of awards which includes active battle command in both the first and second Middle Eastern War & Afghanistan! He oversaw the destruction of an entire Iraq battle tank group in 23 minutes without a US casualty! He also correctly analyzed the loss of the Vietnam war. However, he may need a jolt every now and then to remind him who is President, and most important, why President Trump was elected by the people of the United States. He is right about a troop surge in Afghanistan (250k troops) coupled with a program to first use scotched earth, and then rebuild a brand new capital and city state to be paid for using Afghanistan mineral resources.

    SUCCESS: President Trump needs General Mc Masters because they complement each other’s strong points. Trump understands the American Patriot Nationalist correction in direction we need and he is a great salesmen. Mc Master is a master at developing &executing strategy, and tactics! This may is a successful union. As a General (warrior) Mc Master should be educated and trained in the “Five Circles”. He should be able to learn and understand his advisory’s beliefs, methodologies, logic, and intentions (regardless of his own profile) in order to defeat the enemy. My hope is that he uses his talent in the pursuit of the glorification and preservation of the union. The last thing the United States Union needs is a “soft coupe”. My hope and prayers is that the General can persuade more cool heads to persevere in Washington, DC.

    TRUMP LOVE: I love Trump because I believe that he is an honorable and trustworthy loyal American Patriot salesman. President Trump graduated from a military academy, but did not serve in Vietnam. His dad got him off. President Trump (like most leaders in Washington) has never faced death in defense of the country. The General has…. so he gets a pass.

    1. Keith –
      Just because someone is good at war does not mean that he is good at peace.
      Indeed, it is the highly competent people who are heading in the wrong direction that are the most dangerous.

  17. Deep State coup is failing because Cernovich, the Infowar and millions of free thinking individuals across the globe are one step ahead by shedding the light of truth on their deception. God is on our side and the Spirit of humanity and liberty will never submit to tyranny! If you don’t get behind this movement then “moooove bitch, get out the way”

    1. Spoken like a true opioid addict in heat for another man. Keep bending over and worshiping a con man, hopefully you wake up and feel his tongue in your butt.

  18. It looks like Benedict McMaster should be court martialed under UCMJ 934 Article 34 for his late night antics. After all, his lower ranking soldiers would be court martialed.

  19. Served with the man in Germany and during Desert Shield/Storm. We were both in Iraq at the same time and saw what he did with 3rd ACR. The man is a professional. The man has integrity. Read his books, look at his record, he made waves by criticizing the status quo. He is who and what we need right now. Always Ready, Second to None!

    1. Airborne! Exactly McMaster tells it like it is and he is the last guy that’s going to let Trump roll him into supporting stupid decisions like going to war with Iran.

  20. The NWO is killing us and some of us are fighting back and you can join in global revolutions more so now than ever before. Please share the truth from each other all over both online and offline and please share stuff from the DRUDGE REPORT DOT COM website as well: together, we go against the NWO and the others:

  21. Anyone who appeases Islam is committing treason against the USA. We are at war. We are at war with Islam. Giving aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of war is treason. You may not be interested in war with Islam, but war with Islam is interested in you.

    Islam is a warrior memeplex. It will kill anything in its path to stay alive; that’s why it is here today. It made it into the present from the dark and distant past by obsessing about getting itself into the future. There is only one way to do that: by using and abusing the human family, especially woman and children. It is seeking revenge and weaponizing itself. Beware.

    Trump must be given all the tools necessary to keep Islam from entering the homeland, the government, and the people themselves.

  22. this is epic a guy with an iPhone and twitter is going toe to toe with a traitor general.. cnn, msnbc, media matters and soros all have mcmasters back.

    1. Hilarious! Do you know who else has McMaster’s back? So does Trump and Kelly the real people that matter, just because the wing nuts aren’t getting to go and invade Iran. booh hoo, tell those Nutty Neocons to dial 1-800-WAH-WAH. McMasters is going to serve Trump and when Trump is impeached he will serve Pence.

  23. I have a buddy who served with McMasters in the third armory over in Edup. He told me he was extremely liberal. And often bad mouthed republicans.

    1. So? McMaster led troops into combat and he personally made strawberry jam out of a lot of Iraqis by blasting their tanks into dust, who cares what his politics are he won battles in combat; your buddy was probably a whiner who sat in the rear with the gear complaining about the artillery being too loud. Hilarious. McMaster was well respected and loved by his men. Period.

    2. A soldier I respect more than anyone, also served directly for McMaster. If this guy doesn’t like him, it speaks volumes. McMaster is a warrior, but a self-aggrandizing one, who uses others for his own advancement. I’m certain there are better warriors and generals that can serve President Trump.

  24. McMaster is protecting America from idiots like Bannon and Nutty Neocons who don’t know squat about war such that they’d crap their pants at the first sound of a rifle shot. Trump is listening to wing nut idiots which is why he keeps getting dork slapped by the real press, because we all know Fox New is pathetic propaganda.

    Quit your bellyaching you Putin loving pukes, Trump is not going to fire McMaster, get a clue, Kelly and McMaster are going to kick the living crap out of idiots like Bannon and the sloping dope head Stephen Miller what a sad sack of wing nuts. Get a clue or buy one, but America is NOT going to invade Iran. McMaster and Kelly are both great patriots their stools have more integrity than the entire White House staff put together and that includes Trump.

  25. Trump and Bannon do not want war with any country, Trump supporters do not want war with anyone. The endless middle east wars have been pushed by Soros, Bush’s, Clintons, Obama, Petraeus, McCain and now McMaster hence McMaster wanting more war in Syria and Afghanistan. The Russia-Russia-Russia BS is because the warmongers want more war for profit, the peasants are on to the game. The guy with the iPhone and twitter has the advantage of the TRUTH over the warmonger McMaster.

    1. Hilarious! You don’t know squat. Iraq was a Nutty Neocon war, and now those same wack jobs now want to invade Iran. Derek Harvey, Ezra Cohen-Watnick who want to serve the extremists in Israel, not the US government, and Jared Kushner is a Zionist, wake up , McFly. Are you kidding? A US invasion of Syria was pushed by Neocons, and what did President Barack HUSSEIN Obama do? Obama put the vote up to Congress to make them either vote or shut it, and exactly, the Republicans didn’t want to vote it, so that’s exactly why we did not invade Syria. In fact what all of you Putin loving people forget is that invading Iraq actually made Iran stronger—classic Neocon/Republican idiocy at work.

      Newsflash, Republicans are already raising money to run for the party nomination, translation? Trump is a lame duck 6 months into office. How’s all of that “winning” legislation working for ya, Trumpsters?

  26. I believe you, Mike, was the one that surfaced this, but I don’t see any reference to McMaster being the keynote to the Sedona Forum. Here is the press release on the April meeting. Note Sessions buddy Dan Coats is also a speaker about “national threats”.

    “Every year, the Sedona Forum brings to Arizona influential military, political, humanitarian and human-rights leaders for a weekend of discussions about critical global challenges. The highlight of the 2017 session included a keynote conversation between Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, USA, National Security Advisor to President Trump. Other notable participants include John Chambers, Executive Chairman, Cisco; Daniel Coats, Director of National Intelligence; Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Canada; Adm. Harry Harris, Commander, U.S. Pacific Command; Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND); Jeff Immelt, Chairman and CEO, GE; Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Founder, Open Russia; Leslie Moonves, Chairman and CEO, CBS Corporation; Gen. David Petraeus, USA (Ret.), Partner, KKR, and Chairman, KKR Global Institute; Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE); Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti, USA, Commander, U.S. European Command and NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe; Teo Chee Hean, Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security, Singapore; Frances Townsend, former Homeland Security Advisor; and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI).”

  27. Winning mindset.. if cnn and msnbc are for someone or something be against and you will be correct 95% of the time.

    1. How about the non-secret society the media almost never talks about: CFR – Council on Foreign relations has long been a deep-state stable of “reliable” experts.

  28. The picture above would be more accurate with the Rothschild’s hand above the Saudis. Fire H.R. McPuppet!!!!

  29. Mcmaster is a member of the council of foreign relations. The same globalist group that groomed Obama. Munchin is skull and bones member. same group George W Bush and John Kerry are members of. All globalist elitists. They don’t represent the people.

  30. Yet again, the Repugnants are destroying America, and making that great nation the laughing stock of the world. And the buffoon in the White House is the worst of the lot.
    The great English playwright William Shakespeare wrote a play called “The Comedy of Errors”. The title of that play could also apply to this idiotic administration.
    The only forseeable hope for America is that the midterm elections result in a massive Democratic Party purge of Repugnants from Congress, and that they can then completely hamstring Trump and his lunatics in the same way that the Repugnants did to President Trump’s administration.

  31. Yet again, the Repugnants are destroying America, and making that great nation the laughing stock of the world. And the buffoon in the White House is the worst of the lot.
    The great English playwright William Shakespeare wrote a play called “The Comedy of Errors”. The title of that play could also apply to this idiotic administration.
    The only forseeable hope for America is that the midterm elections result in a massive Democratic Party purge of Repugnants from Congress, and that they can then completely hamstring Trump and his lunatics in the same way that the Repugnants did to President Obama’s administration.

  32. Rep. Adam Schiff (Democrat) and Fake Tapper (cnn fake news point man) come out in support of Benedict HR McPuppet, however Fake Tapper and Schiff despise President Trump. Resign HR McPuppet.

  33. Petraeus pled guilty to leaking classified intel, now McMaster leaks classified intel to Petraeus?? How is that possibly legal?

  34. holy shit…private cernovich will not bend knee to general hr mcarnold. This is awesome for all the enlisted out there that know what goes on in the service with these suit officers.

  35. Clinton, Obama and Bush love McMasters war for profit plans all over the world. How is that America first? How does that help the people of those countries? How does McMaster get away with leaking intel to convicted Petraeus? Does the intel leaks violate the UCMJ?

  36. Add Robert Mueller to the puppet strings, a best buddy of Comey and Jeb Bush. Mueller can’t find any Clinton, Obama or Bush crimes, but the word is Mueller hired 15 pro-Clinton/Obama lawyers and they are digging into Trumps library records for late returned books.

  37. McMaster was done the minute CNN and MSNBC defended him. CNN has lower ratings than Congress and Nick at nite.

  38. McMaster promotes Obama/Ben Rhodes people in the NSC and fires Trumps people from the NSC. We voted for Trump and we get Clinton/Obama, President HR McArnold must be fired.

  39. Did President McMaster send Ricky Waddell after Private Cerno? Is this what the Government is used for, crushing free speech???

  40. is Kelly in on the coup of President Trump? that memo sent out by Kelly stating Trumps support of McMaster seems strange. did Kelly tell Trump the whole story about McMasters love for Lynch spying of Trump and all the bad firings done by McMaster?

  41. Brennan, Clapper and Al Gore announce a call for a coup of President Trump. Is H.R. Benedict McArnold the front man? Is Kelly in on the coup? Mueller set Saddam up with the WMD narrative and we have been in the middle east wars ever since. How many Soldiers lost? How many Iraqis lost? Trillions of dollars lost? Why isn’t Mueller in prison for these crimes?

  42. The never ending page? I’ve seen enough, there was no need to update 1980s tactics let alone bulldoze promotion. Afghan failure to eraditicate poppy is as epic as failure to suggest N Korea sell aging explosives to private sector for peaceful use? America is not neither will it ever be Islamic state

  43. Oh boy, such a subservience to conspiracy theories will never turn out well. Viewing this site is like stepping into a leach and snake infested swamp.

  44. The NeverTrump ring leaders love President H.R. McPuppet, however we the people voted for President Trump. Comey and Jeb Bush love Vice President Jeb Mueller.

  45. President McMaster pardoned spying Susan Rice. Does he have that authority? Is McMaster in a Spy ring??

  46. President McMaster now orders the CIA to coup ops the Venezuela government? Who voted for President McMaster?

  47. Reading these stupid and paranoid comments here (at least most of them are) I better understand how Trump could become president

  48. After 65 years of Nukes are going to get you, we should change our mind set and ask… Are Nukes fake news? Our only so-called proof is a few Hollywood videos. Japan was fire bombed.

  49. CAIR (unindicted co-conspirator in Hamas terror case) endorses President McMaster, CIAR loves McMaster.

  50. Flynn NSC hires who have not been fired by McMaster:
    basically everyone else except for Cohen, Higgins, and Harvey who no one could stand

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